Chevromist Kennels Share Tips On Preparing For The Arrival Of A New Puppy

Tips On Preparing For The Arrival Of A New PuppySmooth, soft fur. The cutest nose in the world. That irresistible whimper. And the most adorable pair of eyes you have ever seen. When you think of puppies, you can immediately imagine everything that’s sweet, cute and cuddly. However, that’s just one side of the coin. In reality, getting a new puppy is a huge responsibility. It takes hard work, sacrifice, patience and preparation before life with a puppy becomes smooth and dreamy. Are you prepared for the first sleepless night, and the additional care that come with your furry new friend?

Like people, puppies have their own personalities and temperaments, too. Some are mellow, cooperative and easily trainable, while others are more high-spirited, strong-willed and therefore higher-maintenance. But regardless of what kind of puppy you get, it is inevitable that you will need to face some changes when you welcome her into your home and your life.

The good news is that with the right prep work, you can lessen the bloopers during the early weeks and pave way for a smoother transition until your pup gets accustomed to your household. The following are some tips from the professional breeders of Chevromist Kennels.

Do your research. Learn more about the breed of the puppy you are getting. Knowing about your pet’s expected characteristics and having a broad idea of her needs and requirements will allow you to clearly foresee the adjustments you need to make.

Prioritise safety for all. Know if someone in your household is allergic to dogs. If you have small kids in the house, teach them what they need to know about associating with a new puppy to prevent accidents or injuries from happening.

Plan for puppy care-related tasks. Set up a routine. An established schedule helps both humans and puppies adjust to their new situation. Who will be in charge of the various needs of the puppy? Some households divide the work – grooming, feeding, exercise, health monitoring, etc. – among themselves to make things more efficient.
Consider getting expert help. Some tasks such as training your puppy may need expert intervention. Needless to say, a visit with a veterinarian is also a must. Ask around in your community for referrals.

Make a checklist of items to buy. Consider the essentials: Where will she sleep? What and where will she eat and drink? How will you keep her entertained and physically fit? What are the things you need to keep her looking neat and clean? Having such a list will ensure nothing will be forgotten, and it will help you manage costs as well.
Puppy experts at Chevromist say having a puppy is both a blessing and a commitment. In the end, it’s important to know that life can be messier, busier – but ultimately happier – with such a cutie around.

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